So often we can't figure out why we're stuck in the same patterns of relating - whether it be working in that same unfulfilling job year after year, unexpectedly finding ourselves in a hollow marriage, continuing destructive friendships/relationships with others, or repeating those habits that are consuming us. Our lives have been marred by all kinds of experiences we've encountered throughout life - therefore, our souls are deeply affected - which can also lead to how we treat our bodies.  This bears repeating.  When our Hearts/Minds are triggered, our Souls are wounded, and our Body comes along for the ride. Your Mind, Soul and Body are all connected. I believe you matter enough to invest yourself in all three.

Over the last 2 decades I have worked with adults and children who have been effected by circumstances ranging from financial crisis to parental loss to marital breakdown. This has led me to a profound passion to helping people recover by finding freedom, joy and purpose in their life. Through the Allender Center Seattle School of Theology, I'm a Certified Lay Counselor in pain, trauma and abuse and I'm a trained facilitator with OneLifeMaps, so I enjoy helping people as they  process their unique life story.


I love to work with people who want to better understand themselves by processing their "life story" through Mapping and recommended reading and writing. These tools will help guide you through the stories that contributed to who you are today and discover possibilities towards a healthier future. We have been blessed with one's up to us as to how we choose to live it.

I work with people both locally and remotely. ​Please contact me if you would like to learn more.​​


First consultation is free. 

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Why Does the Condition of My Mind & Soul Matter?